Osceola Trail Ride

Trail Ride Schedule of Events

Osceola County Wagon Train & Trail Ride SCHEDULE for 2018

Times and Activities are Subject to Change

All week – Lights out at midnight – all camps quiet except at designated area(s).  This includes generators.

Dinner – 6:00 pm

Monday – January 8th

8:00 am ……………Gates Open. Check in, Coggins check and registration. Settle in and set up your camp.  You can ride around camp at your leisure.

2:00 – Trail Riding safety and defensive Course – George Cardozo, Osceola County Sheriff Deputy.  Please sign up for the hour long course.

6:00 Dinner (included in your entry fee)

6:30 ……Please join us at the tent for a mandatory safety and information meeting that we are encouraging at least one person from each camp to attend.  It will give us an opportunity to share valuable information that will be necessary to know for participation in this year’s ride.

6:45 …..Junior Wrangler (children) Meeting/get together.  Bring your kids to find out about the Junior Wrangler schedule and activities for the week and also receive their free T-shirt (while supplies last)

7:00 …..Bingo

8:00…. Movie

Tuesday – January 9thth

9:00… to Noon ….. Morning ride (approximate time)

1:30 ….afternoon ride

6:00 … Dinner (included in entry fee)

6:30…..Jr. Wrangler/Kids activity at the tent

7:00 … Old Timers Night/Historical Night – Elam Stoltzfus, 2017 Great Florida Cattle Drive

Wednesday – January 10th

9:00 …..Morning Ride

2:00 …..Arena Games – (all ages) Billy.  Need to sign up for the games.  George Cardozo, Osceola County Sheriff Deputy, trail ride safety and defensive course.  Need to sign up for the course.

6:00 ….Dinner (Included in your entry fee)

6:30… Jr. Wranglers/Kids Bingo

7:00 ….Bingo

Thursday – January 11th

9:00 … Morning Ride

1:30 …..Obstacle Course or ride on your own around camp.  Need to sign up for the obstacle course.

6:00 … Dinner (Included in your entry fee)

7:00 …..Vendor Night

8:00 …..DJ

Friday – January 12th

9:00 ….. Morning Ride

12:00 to 3:00 – Seminole Feed with scales.  Come and weigh your horse

1:30 ….  Afternoon ride or ride around camp on your own.

2:00 ….. Arena Games – (all ages) Billy, Sign up for games.

2:00 …    Trail Ride Safety Course – need to sign up

4:00 ….   Whip Cracking Contest

6:00 …     Dinner

7:00 …..   Band

Saturday – January 13th

9:00 to 3:30 …..All Day Roger Haddock Ride (lunch on trail)

6:00 … Steak Dinner

6:30 ….Scholarship Awards; OCWTTR Fun Awards

7:00 …..Auction

DJ – After Auction

Sunday – January 14th

8:00 …..Cowboy Church

9:00 …  Devon Lespier – Report on a survey on Correlated Perspectives

On Equine Welfare in the United States.

Dutch oven Demonstration

10:00 … Dog Show

11:00 … Horse Costume Contest

1:30 …   Afternoon Ride

3:00 …..Arena Games – Final – (Billy)

6:00…  Dinner (included in entry fee) – Awards for Arena Games – Billy

7:00 ….movie ????

Monday – January 15th– Pack Up and vacate property by 1:00 pm